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Websites for Estate Agents
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Websites for Real Estate Agents in Spain

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Web Integration for InmolinkCRM - Resales Online - Milennio+

NEW Real Estate WordPress Plugin!!!


Integrating properties from your MLS provider in your website

InmoTech has been creating SEO Ready & Mobile Friendly real estate websites for over 10 years integrating with different network databases using XML imports and API feeds.

Resales Online

Our 2020WordPress Team has, for over 8 years, been creating affordable, SEO & mobile friendly websites for subscribers of Resales Online.

With over 250 Resales Online members as clients we are the single largest website developer for Resales Online integrated websites. Check out our brand new Resales Online WordPress Plugin.

inmolinkcrm 1

InmolinkCRM is built using the latest state-of-the-art technology which together with their free WordPress plugins provide superfast API connections.

Although it has only been launched early 2020, it has already built a network of nearly 300 estate agents on the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca. See our InmolinkCRM client portfolio.

milenio plus websites 1

Early 2017 we released our 2020CONNECT platform to integrate Milenio Plus MLS software using AJAX API and XML/AJAX API software.

Although both versions are very similar, XML/AJAX allows you to establish a private network and include properties from all or selected agencies to display on your Web Pages.

SEO Services for Estate Agents

Are you surprised to hear that….


Websites for real estate agents in Spain

It’s time to create websites for mobile devices and make them desktop compatible!!!

Google Mobile First

Mobile First SEO

With the majority of web searches for real estate now being done on mobile devices instead of desktops together with Google’s announcement of a mobile-first search index.

The urgency for your real estate site to be focussed on mobile design focussed is greater than ever.

The world is moving towards mobile, and this has huge implications for search and digital marketing and how we approach online SEO.

Read our artice 7 Usefull SEO Tips for Estate Agents

and find out how you will benefit from InmoTech España real estate web-services

Websites for Estate Agents